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We are a one stop shop with everything you need to keep your furry little friend healthy and happy. We only carry products of top quality, and all at affordable prices.

We see a lot of dogs and cats on a daily basis; a lot of them have one thing in common and that's bad skin. This is why we only carry top of the line pet food brands with no grains, corn, or fillers. We believe everyone should be able to feed their pets quality food without breaking the bank, which is why you'll find our products less expensive when compared to major chain stores. 

Do you suspect your dog may have food allergies?

Ask one of our pet food experts and together we will help you pick out the right diet for your pet. 

You can see some of our supplies and the brands we carry below. You can click on the logos for more information about why they're all great choices.

Looking for a specific brand or flavor?

Give us a call and ask us about our special orders.

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